Leonid Afremov and his online gallery: a tip for art shoppers

As you already know, I’m a big fan of art. While I specialize in sculpting, I also have a bent for painting. I used to paint in watercolors rather extensively as a teenager and those pictures were pretty good (for a teenager, again). But unfortunately, now I simply don’t have enough time to practice. That doesn’t prevent me from having the walls of my room covered in paintings by others, though 🙂 Some of them were made by my college friends, some were bought from street artists. And some were painted by even more ‘respectable’ authors. For instance, my favorite cityscape by Leonid Afremov.

Just in case you don’t know, I’m talking about a famous contemporary painter from Israeli. He runs an online gallery where he uploads all his works, so you can easily check them out without going to a gallery or visiting an exhibition. As a matter of facts, Afremov doesn’t do galleries. He is a fervent advocate of online marketing and this is actually much better than other artists who seem to pursue but one goal – making it as difficult as possible for mere mortals to buy their paintings.

I’m going to tell you how I found out about Leonid Afremov and how I purchased his incredible canvas that now hangs over my bed! It’s very simple – I just saw one of his works in the internet. It immediately attracted me with bright colors, unusual style and romantic aura. The image was rather unpretentious – a couple walking down a rain-washed street covered in vibrant reflections. But there was something magical in the way it was painted… I couldn’t stop looking! ‘This is amazing, I must have that painting!’ I thought. The price wasn’t too high either. There was but one catch… it was only available through the internet. I’m not a technophobe and I totally support digital technologies. But sending a few hundred dollars to an alleged painter I just learned about… That seemed a bit odd. I thought Afremov could be a rogue fooling people into buying stuff he didn’t even paint. But then I did a little research and figured that, with so much information available on this person in the web, he just couldn’t be a fake. So I made an order and…

  • The painting arrived within three days. That was fast!
  • It looked just like on the artist’s site com, even better because I could see and even feel the texture!
  • I also got an authenticity certificate signed by Afremov himself.
  • Lastly, I didn’t pay a dollar for the delivery – it was free!

So now I can tell for sure – Leonid Afremov’s online gallery is a wonderful place for art shopping! I suggest you take a good look at it and perhaps you’ll go away with a painting, too!

Are you following your dream?

When I decided to apply for the art school, my folks weren’t satisfied with my choice. They said it was a waste of time with no prospects for the future. I must say my family is quite down-to-earth and practical-minded. We have some kind of a clan business 🙂 Back in the 50’s, my grandpa bought a few stocks and got rich. He invested the money in agriculture and ever since then the life of our family has been revolving around farming. It has been like that for three generations. Just recently, elder brother Jim successfully got his degree in economics and is now ready to make a contribution to family wealth. My two uncles are involved, too. But me, I guess I just didn’t inherit the legendary Turner’s business gene.

Nobody suspected anything as I was growing up. My folks dreamed of giving me off to the same college Jim went to. And my passion for sculpting and painting was considered nothing more than an innocent hobby. You should have seen their faces when I proudly announced I had made it to the art school! There was a huge scandal and I left thinking I’d never see my family again. And even though they eventually cooled off, they still don’t approve of my decision. They call me a dreamer and doubt the perspective of making money from my art.

Well, of course, it’s not as stable and lucrative as agricultural business, but look at these guys https://www.etsy.com/market/clay_figurines! They make a living selling stuff created with their own hands. Who said I won’t be able to do the same? What do you think? Is it worth following your dream no matter what or is it better to take a safer path, even though your soul might not be in it?

A bit about myself

Hello big world! I’m Ashley Turner, a mere 21-year-old girl from a small town in Texas. And since every blog needs to start with a little introduction, here are a few facts about my humble personality. I’m a redhead, I’m single, I have a dog (a red Irish Setter, just the color of my hair), I enjoy travelling, cooking and horse riding, I play guitar and I study sculpture. Well, not that kind of marble statues you see at museums.  I’m work with smaller genres. To be more precise, I make clay figurines, sometimes also wood carvings. So far, it is more of a hobby than a real occupation, but once I graduate, I plan to open my own souvenir shop. It’s not going to be for at least another three years, though, so I still have time to quit the art school and study finances 🙂